stainless steel security screen


1, safety protection, effectively resist various unsafe factors, anti-mosquito, anti-theft, protection, anti-accident, and improve the family happiness index.

2 Prevent children falling from the sky from falling, and the old people and children in the living room will not be in an unsafe state because of the opening of the doors and windows, and the family members will be worried at all times.

3, energy saving, no air blockage, indoor air circulation at any time, reducing unnecessary air conditioning operation. Low carbon energy saving.

4, invisible, no blocking, no pressure, indoors to keep bright and natural, enjoy nature.

5, for a wide range of applications, office areas, high-end residential, villas, resorts, hospitals, banks, schools and other occasions.

6, easy to care, gauze cleaning is convenient, you can shine as new. Easy life every day

7, easy to open, easy to escape accidentally, can quickly move away from the scene in the event of a crisis. Protecting the family

8, low-carbon environmental protection, from profile to powder to gauze completely made of environmentally friendly materials, no pollution, more environmentally friendly than traditional screens, create green space, enjoy healthy life

9, anti-ultraviolet, gauze can filter 30% of ultraviolet light, allowing you to enjoy the sun while avoiding UV damage to the skin.

10, humanized design, unique profile arc design, reducing the damage of the door and window angle to the elderly and children.

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Diamond mesh color and features:

1. The material is firm, not easy to fall off, does not burst, and is not afraid of direct sunlight.

2, the surface is delicate, beautiful, smooth, full color, bright.

3, strong corrosion resistance, excellent insulation of the outer skin.

4, wear-resistant, repairable, easy to maintain, easy to clean.

5, with environmental protection, non-toxic, no radiation, anti-penetration, strong resistance and other advantages.

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