Aluminum Diamond Grille

The opposite side aperture of each grid is typically 6.5 cm - 14 cm. The wire thickness used is generally from 3.5 mm to 6 mm. The wire material is generally Q235 low carbon wire. The wire is welded by embossing to form a black mesh. The overall dimensions of the mesh are 1.5 m X 4 m, 2 m X 4 m, 2 m X 3 m.

The general surface treatment is cold (electric) galvanizing. There are also hot-dip galvanizing, dip-coating and spray-coating. But overall, 99% are cold (electric) galvanized. The USG has the following points to pay attention to

Wire diameter

The smaller the mesh of the mesh, the thinner the wire is, the larger the mesh is, and the thicker the wire is required. For example, a mesh aperture of 6.5 cm requires an iron diameter of 3.5 mm to 4 mm. Finely welded and broken, and then thick and heavy, workers can not afford.

2. Dimensions

The mesh size of the US grid is generally no more than 2 meters. The length is generally not more than 4m. More than 2 meters is a laborious effort, and the second is not good galvanized plating. The length can also reach 6 meters, but it will not exceed 6 meters. Generally, the price will increase significantly after more than 4 meters.

3. Whether the solder joints are soldered firmly.

US grid solder joint welding is generally relatively strong, but if the worker is a novice, the technology of adjusting the machine is not high, there will be a situation of opening the solder joint. Once this happens, it will inevitably bring significant losses to customers and factories.

4. Galvanizing process

Zinc plating is also a problem that is particularly problematic for the US grid. Many workers are not responsible. The boss is slightly indifferent, and the workers are likely to shorten the galvanizing time quickly, resulting in no zinc. The result is also a major loss to the factory and dealers.

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